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Division Contest Spring Results

DivisionInternational Speech WinnerInternational Speech Runner UpInternational Speech Third PlaceEvaluation Contest WinnerEvaluation Contest RunnerUpEvaluation Contest Third Place

Division Contest Fall Results

DivisionHumorous Contest WinnerHumorous Contest Runner UpTable Topics Third PlaceTable Topics WinnerTable Topics Runner UpTale Tales Third Place
Division AElie ElhabrBonnie DutcherWilliam DavenportErin PompaKimberly ChungLauri Gill
Division CWhitney DanzaSusan Preisler--Ramki RamakrishnanWhitney Danza Diane Cuellar
Division DSusan MatsonPatrick BranchSusanne SkrobakPatrick Branch
Division EWaldy SantosRobert MossCharisse MarcellinoSherri RaseGaspare Urso
Division FThaine ShetterJay Mussan LevyJay Mussan LevyThaine Shetter
Division GLelet McGorryWill LukangNisha AidasaniEunice JimenezWill LukangSuzzane Matula

Club Anniversaries This Month

Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
February 28th 2002Speeches Are UsCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
February 6th 2012Oracle NJ SpeaksCelebrating 11 Year Anniversary
February 22nd 2016Ortho ClubCelebrating 7 Year Anniversary
February 1st 1998Sound Bytes Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 25 Year Anniversary
February 1st 1956Cosmopolitan Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 67 Year Anniversary
February 12th 2008Rutgers University ToastmastersCelebrating 15 Year Anniversary
February 3rd 2003Gateway 2 ClubCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
February 1st 1964Bergen ToastmastersCelebrating 59 Year Anniversary
February 5th 2002BD Speaks ClubCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
February 21st 2019iWIN Florham ParkCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary

Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel is currently at Somerville Toastmasters. Captured on September 13th 2022.
Here are the rules if you would like to capture the gavel for your club.

1. Contact the host club. Current contact is Stephen Vedder E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Get three members of your club to attend the meeting of the club that currenly has the gavel.
3. Particpate in the meeting.
4.Submit form with details about the meeting. Click Here to Submit Gavel Capture
5.Proudly display the virtual traveling gavel on your club website.

Transfer of the physical traveling gavel is suspended until further notice.