Clubs by Area and Division

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*Club names listed in red have membership eligibility requirements.
Other Clubs are open to all interested parties.

Division A Director: Louis Wasser

Area: 11Area Director: Sara Megletti
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Flanders2859025F&M Toastmasters11-09-12 Website DCP
Sparta1036544First of Sussex Toastmasters05-07-07 DCP
Mount Olive693785Mars Chocolate Sweet Talkers06-30-04 DCP
Branchville1339224Selective Toastmasters05-27-09 DCP
Hackettstown1140672Warren County Toastmasters04-16-09 DCP
Picatinny Arsenal3547Picatinny Club01-01-63 DCP
Area: 12Area Director: Rachel Millard
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Parsippany4413795Toastmasters of Wyndham01-01-15 DCP
Parsippany1022Parsippany Toastmasters Club10-01-90 Website DCP
Morris Plains6485232Weichert Toastmasters05-08-17 DCP
Morristown3540Morris Toastmasters04-01-63 Website DCP
Denville681602Open Door Club06-29-04 Website DCP
Parsippany6607Speeches Are Us02-28-02 Website DCP
Area: 13Area Director: Mary Jo Solomon
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Whippany9922Bayer Toastmasters Club06-27-03 DCP
Cedar Knolls1380016Travelers Toastmasters09-01-09 DCP
Morristown5163Power Talkers Club10-01-94 Website DCP
Whippany7021937MetLife Whippany Toastmasters06-27-18 DCP
Whippany5848South Street Toastmasters05-01-85 Website DCP
Morristown7657889AHS Toastmasters Club10-21-19 DCP
Area: 14Area Director: Narenda Pondugula
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Florham Park7226382iWIN Florham Park02-21-19 DCP
East Hanover2371Novartis-East Hanover Club01-01-75 DCP
Fairfield695795Dining To Speak06-30-04 Website DCP
Parsippany1084025RealTalk Toastmasters09-10-07 DCP
Florham Park6511BASF Toastmasters Club04-01-87 DCP
Florham Park7993736Emerson D&I Toastmasters Club04-05-22 DCP

Division B Director: Cristhyan Sarchi

Area: 21Area Director: Mishra Arvind
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Basking Ridge4722Midtown Toastmasters Club09-01-81 Website DCP
Bedminster344AT&T Bedminster Club06-01-76 Website DCP
Basking Ridge6608Speech Meisters Club10-01-97 Website DCP
Peapack7401089Peapack Expressions04-15-19 DCP
Basking Ridge1358967Northern Stars Advanced06-29-09 Website DCP
Warren7764490Mitsui Toastmasters Club03-09-20 DCP
Area: 22Area Director: Millie Marino
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Bridgewater1501154Oracle NJ Speaks02-06-12 DCP
Bridgewater5696781JJSC Toastmasters08-23-16 DCP
Bridgewater2841Tower And Bridge Toastmasters Club08-01-95 DCP
Bridgewater9619Speakers Corner Toastmasters Club09-01-93 Website DCP
Area: 23Area Director: Randall Hudson
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Warren9659Sound Bytes Toastmasters Club02-01-98 DCP
Somerville802205ETHI-Comm Club09-01-06 Website DCP
Somerville1103Somerville Toastmasters09-01-65 Website DCP
Branchburg4672164Triple S05-17-15 DCP
Hillsborough1689Hillsborough Toastmasters Club06-01-00 Website DCP
Area: 24Area Director: Caroline Velez
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Raritan2823544J&J Raritan I/T Toastmasters10-22-12 Website DCP
Piscataway1146892Speakers of the House03-04-08 DCP
Raritan5107100Ortho Club02-22-16 DCP
Flemington728513Hunterdon Speak Easy Club12-07-04 Website DCP
Piscataway7328IEEE Live Wires Club06-30-02 Website DCP
Piscataway5009Conackamack Club06-01-94 Website DCP

Division C Director: Gina Mongiello

Area: 31Area Director: Jeffrey Bart
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Wayne2099Wayne Toastmasters09-01-61 Website DCP
Haworth3181Valley Toastmasters04-01-88 Website DCP
Fair Lawn7481966Fair Lawn Toastmasters06-27-19 Website DCP
Ridgewood2639Ridgewood Toastmasters Club05-01-58 Website DCP
Wood-Ridge1446661Park Avenue06-27-11 Website DCP
Dumont1317256Good Neighbors Club04-08-09 Website DCP
Area: 32Area Director: open
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Pompton Plains1425822Master the Craft Toastmasters of Pompton Plains12-16-09 Website DCP
Ramsey3041Park Toastmasters Club05-01-61 Website DCP
Franklin Lakes8804Express Yourself Toastmasters05-01-00 Website DCP
Franklin Lakes5806BD Speaks Club02-05-02 DCP
Woodland Park7745531Woodland Park Toastmasters03-01-20 DCP
Woodcliff Lake5940BMW NA Toastmasters Club06-01-00 DCP
Area: 33Area Director: Stephen Herbst
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Montvale927494Germinators Toastmasters Club06-27-06 DCP
Blauvelt1506768Rockland Toastmasters05-05-11 Website DCP
Pearl River2800Sunset Toastmasters Club12-03-02 Website DCP
Montvale813995K-Toast Club06-30-05 DCP

Division D Director: Pamela Johnson

Area: 41Area Director: John Nieradka
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Princeton7409036SES Orbiters Toastmaster05-20-19 DCP
Princeton8628Munich Re Toastmasters Club04-12-02 DCP
Princeton1154987RWJF Toastmasters04-01-08 Website DCP
Princeton6375Successfully Speak Up Toastmasters06-01-95 Website DCP
Area: 42Area Director: Michelle Fielder
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
North Brunswick3869598Frontline Speakers04-01-14 Website DCP
North Brunswick4646Brunswick Toastmasters Club03-01-95 Website DCP
New Brunswick7335322J&J New Brunswick03-11-19 DCP
New Brunswick8075Opportunity Seeking BMS Club04-27-01 DCP
Area: 43Area Director: Sherry Blake
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Monmouth Jct7879856MECA GLOBAL Toastmasters03-28-21 DCP
Somerset7684765Oratory Toastmasters12-16-19 DCP
Somerset1036046Raritan Toastmasters06-13-07 DCP
Skillman5446935Bloomberg Princeton Toastmasters04-29-16 DCP
Somerset6719231St. Thomas04-01-18 DCP
Area: 44Area Director: open
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Piscataway6863969Rutgers 33KB Toastmasters Club07-24-18 DCP
Piscataway806260Colgate-Palmolive Piscataway Toastmasters Club06-22-05 DCP
Piscataway3156849J&J Piscataway Speakers04-16-13 DCP

Division E Director: Andrea Lake

Area: 51Area Director: Narayanan Subramaniam
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Rahway8349Impact 21 Club03-29-02 Website DCP
South Plainfield3938656Electric Toastmasters06-11-14 DCP
Linden798409Infineum Toastmasters Club06-28-05 DCP
Rahway260Merck Club08-01-73 DCP
Edison5124091What Exit?09-20-16 Website DCP
Area: 52Area Director: Hoa Mattaliano
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Scotch Plains3761298SpeakAbility04-30-14 Website DCP
Westfield3187TM of Westfield Club03-01-61 Website DCP
Murray Hill3260Murray Hill Speakers Club05-01-61 Website DCP
Plainfield6081040Queen City TM03-21-17 DCP
Murray Hill2655Cosmopolitan Toastmasters Club02-01-56 Website DCP
Area: 53Area Director: open
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Union9828Conquerors Club03-01-94 Website DCP
Summit1781Summit Toastmasters05-01-55 Website DCP
Roseland46Diamonds In The Rough Club05-28-03 DCP
Summit4072972BMS Accelorators08-14-14 DCP
Roseland8143Storytelling Club06-01-00 Website DCP
Verona2567Essex Toastmasters09-01-57 Website DCP
Area: 54Area Director: Sathyavani Bolusani
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Rutherford4229Fairleigh Early Birds Toastmasters Club06-01-80 Website DCP
Garfield1455543Good Souls Toastmasters06-22-10 DCP
Ridgefield Park2581Bergen Toastmasters02-01-64 Website DCP
Rutherford660313Speak and Lead Toastmasters Club06-25-04 Website DCP
Clifton2664Clifton Toastmasters Club06-01-64 Website DCP
Nutley7487Nutley Club06-30-02 Website DCP

Division F Director: Jyoti Sahni

Area: 61Area Director: Savitha Hiremath
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Middletown4793713T and M Toastmasters01-04-16 DCP
Tinton Falls4843227Talk of Monmouth07-15-15 Website DCP
Freehold6522Freehold Phrasers Club11-01-96 Website DCP
Wall Township7606611NJR Toastmasters12-27-19 DCP
Neptune7478Shore Speakers Toastmasters Club04-01-00 Website DCP
Area: 62Area Director: Chitranjan Belwariar
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Metuchen739438Jim Friend Toastmasters09-01-05 Website DCP
Middletown2634AT&T Middletown Club06-30-00 Website DCP
Iselin4864Woodbridge Toastmasters06-02-82 Website DCP
Iselin3696627Iselin Icebreakers01-27-14 DCP
Edison6847Art Of Speaking06-27-02 Website DCP
Area: 63Area Director: Vanessa Robinson
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Staten Island665371New Day Toastmasters06-30-04 Website DCP
Holmdel7092106Holmdel Toastmasters04-27-19 Website DCP
Old Bridge1401391Old Bridge Toastmasters06-30-10 Website DCP
Sayreville7247326Sayreville Toastmasters Club01-28-19 DCP
Woodbridge7286082NJTA Toastmasters05-01-19 DCP

Division G Director: Harihara Subramanian,

Area: 71Area Director: Pardeep Sharma
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Jersey City5611963JPMorgan Toastmasters Jersey City08-17-16 DCP
Kenilworth1076360Merck Achievers Toastmasters Club10-23-07 DCP
Jersey City8639DTCC Toastmasters North East05-01-99 Website DCP
Jersey City7442912BNP Paribas JC06-21-19 DCP
Area: 72Area Director: Jenn Charles
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Jersey City5021565Gold Coast Achievers06-26-16 DCP
Jersey City7733Jersey Toastmasters Club07-01-96 Website DCP
Jersey City7049936Hudson County Community College07-02-18 DCP
Jersey City1285272New Heights Toastmasters04-28-10 Website DCP
Area: 73Area Director: Barbara Merced
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Weehawken7182UBS NJ Toastmasters Club09-25-97 DCP
Union City6445Union City Club06-30-03 Website DCP
Union City692522Toastmasters en Espanol06-28-04 Website DCP
Madison4792039Quest Diagnostics Madison06-22-15 DCP
Hoboken6101Mile Square Toastmasters11-01-96 Website DCP
Area: 74Area Director: Vjollca Jakupi
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Newark9983Successful Speaking Club06-30-03 DCP
Newark1345063Washington Park Toastmasters10-01-09 Website DCP
Newark1503Blue Expressions Club06-01-95 DCP
Newark3234498Prudentially Speaking05-26-13 DCP
Newark5272Gateway 2 Club02-03-03 DCP

Club Anniversaries This Month

Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
June 29th 2004Open Door ClubCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2004Mars Chocolate Sweet TalkersCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1976AT&T Bedminster ClubCelebrating 47 Year Anniversary
June 29th 2009Northern Stars AdvancedCelebrating 14 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2003Bayer Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
June 1st 2000Hillsborough Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 23 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1994Conackamack ClubCelebrating 29 Year Anniversary
June 22nd 2005Colgate-Palmolive Piscataway Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 18 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2002IEEE Live Wires ClubCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
June 13th 2007Raritan ToastmastersCelebrating 16 Year Anniversary
June 11th 2014Electric ToastmastersCelebrating 9 Year Anniversary
June 28th 2005Infineum Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 18 Year Anniversary
June 1st 2000Storytelling ClubCelebrating 23 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2000AT&T Middletown ClubCelebrating 23 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2010Old Bridge ToastmastersCelebrating 13 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2002Art Of SpeakingCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
June 2nd 1982Woodbridge ToastmastersCelebrating 41 Year Anniversary
June 21st 2019BNP Paribas JCCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2004New Day ToastmastersCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 26th 2016Gold Coast AchieversCelebrating 7 Year Anniversary
June 28th 2004Toastmasters en EspanolCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2003Union City ClubCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
June 22nd 2015Quest Diagnostics MadisonCelebrating 8 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1995Blue Expressions ClubCelebrating 28 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2003Successful Speaking ClubCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
June 25th 2004Speak and Lead Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2002Nutley ClubCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1980Fairleigh Early Birds Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 43 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1964Clifton Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 59 Year Anniversary
June 22nd 2010Good Souls ToastmastersCelebrating 13 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2011Park AvenueCelebrating 12 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2004Dining To SpeakCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2006Germinators Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 17 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2005K-Toast ClubCelebrating 18 Year Anniversary
June 1st 2000BMW NA Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 23 Year Anniversary
June 1st 1995Successfully Speak Up ToastmastersCelebrating 28 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2018MetLife Whippany ToastmastersCelebrating 5 Year Anniversary
June 27th 2019Fair Lawn ToastmastersCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary
June 30th 2021Raise Our VoicesCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary

Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel is currently at Gold Coast Achievers. Captured on April 6th 2023.
Here are the rules if you would like to capture the gavel for your club.

1. Contact the host club. Current contact is Yuko Otsuka E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Get three members of your club to attend the meeting of the club that currenly has the gavel.
3. Particpate in the meeting.
4.Submit form with details about the meeting. Click Here to Submit Gavel Capture
5.Proudly display the virtual traveling gavel on your club website.

Transfer of the physical traveling gavel is suspended until further notice.