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Area Contest Spring Results


12InternationalFirstDavid Romanchick
13InternationalFirstNicole Wank
13InternationalSecondMary-Jo Solomon
14InternationalFirstMargarita Estrada
21InternationalFirstPaul Ireifej
21InternationalSecondLouis Turenne
22InternationalFirstKevin Moulton
23InternationalFirstAlok Agarwal
23InternationalSecondRichard Zarate
24InternationalFirstKala Sivasubramanian
24InternationalSecondAana Gajendran
31InternationalFirstLouis Wasser
32InternationalFirstSamantha Honhart
32InternationalSecondJoel Dave
32InternationalThirdNayan Shah
33InternationalFirstOphelia Byers
33InternationalSecondKaren Seeman
41InternationalFirstSherry Blake
51InternationalFirstMario Lewis
52InternationalFirstRavi Shankar
52InternationalSecondSonia Thommy
53InternationalFirstJason Velante
53InternationalSecondAnthony Simmons
53InternationalThirdSaafir Jenkins
54InternationalFirstNabiha Isshac
61InternationalFirstThaine Shetter
62InternationalFirstSaikat Maitra
62InternationalSecondDarlene Blanco
62InternationalThirdSami Qutub
63InternationalFirstPooja Vadul
72InternationalFirstEunice Jimenez
73InternationalFirstHarold Andres Rodriguez
73InternationalSecondSwapna Chimanchodkar
74InternationalFirstMichael Jennings

Table Topics

11Table TopicsFirstMari McInerney
11Table TopicsSecondSiddharth Bector
12Table TopicsFirstPaul Whitehead
14Table TopicsFirstDoreen Balbuena
21Table TopicsFirstAlizanette Rodriguez
21Table TopicsSecondLouis Turenne
22Table TopicsFirstTom Abazia
23Table TopicsFirstRichard Zarate
24Table TopicsFirstFaith Agnew
24Table TopicsSecondMichael Rutledge
24Table TopicsThirdTeddy Mertyris
31Table TopicsFirstScott Kelley
32Table TopicsFirstDan Manickam
32Table TopicsSecondKenneth Espinoza
33Table TopicsFirstKaren Seeman
33Table TopicsSecondJack Dunican
41Table TopicsFirstSherry Blake
42Table TopicsFirstLlera Courtney
51Table TopicsFirstCharnette M. Lewis
53Table TopicsFirstEric Xu
53Table TopicsSecondDavid Hammer
53Table TopicsThirdKia Edwards
54Table TopicsFirstCharisse Marcelino
54Table TopicsSecondEdward Minaya
61Table TopicsFirstThaine Shetter
62Table TopicsFirstPaul Ireifej
62Table TopicsSecondDarlene Blanco
62Table TopicsThirdSaikat Maitra
72Table TopicsFirstAndrea Lake
73Table TopicsFirstSara Hernandez Mendez
73Table TopicsSecondSwapna Chimanchodkar
74Table TopicsFirstRosemary Horner


12HumorousFirstClive Morgan
14HumorousFirstStuart Kramer
21HumorousFirstMichael Rutkowski
21HumorousSecondLouis Turenne
22HumorousFirstKevin Moulton
23HumorousFirstRichard Zarate
23HumorousSecondAlok Agarwal
24HumorousFirstTeddy Mertyris
24HumorousSecondPrachi Jain
31HumorousFirstJim Tosone
31HumorousSecondNathaniel Wilson
32HumorousFirstBrandon Craig
33HumorousFirstPedro Cruz
42HumorousFirstRoopak Tom
42HumorousFirstMaricelly Salazar
51HumorousFirstCharnette M. Lewis
52HumorousFirstSenthil Selvakumar
52HumorousSecondDennis Giaimo
53HumorousFirstSteve Cooper
53HumorousSecondCharles Stark
54HumorousFirstSuzanne Bujara
54HumorousSecondMilind M Padki
61HumorousFirstPeter Litwin
62HumorousFirstScott Lynch
62HumorousSecondSaurabh Gupta
72HumorousFirstJenny Yin
73HumorousFirstMurlidhar Sharma
74HumorousFirstHoonee Cha

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