Call for Nominations

 District 83 Elected Offices 2020 - 2021


2020 – 2021 District Officer Elections are now in Motion. 

The District Leadership Committee (DLC) evaluates all candidates for District elected positions and nominates the best candidate(s). To ensure successful District elections, the District Director appoints the DLC Chair and approves the District Leadership Committee member that the DLC Chair recruits for this critical task. The committee must be equally represented at a minimum by each division in D83 minimum. The DLC chair does not represent a Division.


Elected positions currently available for nominations:






I am partnering this year with Past District Director Janice Buffalow, DTM to work with those Toastmasters in our District interested in developing and growing their leadership skills to the fullest. This is a very important year when the Pathways educational program will be completely implemented, and its successful transition will be paramount to the clubs and to each member.

The following forms are available to you:

The last day for candidate’s declaration will be by the end of February.

Candidates interview is planned for Saturday, March 21 and all DLC nominations will be published in four weeks before the annual to be held at the Annual Conference.  Anyone who meets the qualifications for an elected position, should return the Candidate Application and Officer Agreement and Release Form to Manny.A.Reyes@hotmail and cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Floor Nominations will be possible following the Toastmasters International Guidelines Protocol 9.0 District Campaigns and Election.

Charter DateClub Name/Club Number
October 9th 2020Paragon Toastmasters


Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
November 9th 2012F&M ToastmastersCelebrating 8 Year Anniversary
November 3rd 2017USGA Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 3 Year Anniversary
November 15th 2017American International SpeakersCelebrating 3 Year Anniversary
November 1st 1999Speak Easy Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
November 1st 1996Freehold Phrasers ClubCelebrating 24 Year Anniversary
November 1st 1996Mile Square ToastmastersCelebrating 24 Year Anniversary
November 22nd 2006Pearls of ExpressionCelebrating 14 Year Anniversary
November 20th 2019New World Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
November 12th 2019RobustWeatlh ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary