Clubs by Area and Division

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Division A Director: Narendra Pondugula, DTM

Area: 11Area Director: Sara Ann Megletti, ACB, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Sparta1036544First of Sussex Toastmasters05-07-07 DCP
Branchville1339224Selective Toastmasters05-27-09 DCP
Denville681602Open Door Club06-29-04 Website DCP
Flanders1193149Flanders @ 506-13-08 DCP
Area: 12Area Director: Daniel Trezza, ACB, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Hackettstown1140672Hackettstown Toastmasters04-16-09 Website DCP
Picatinny Arsenal3547Picatinny Club01-01-63 DCP
Flanders2859025F&M Toastmasters11-09-12 Website DCP
Mount Olive693785Mars Chocolate Sweet Talkers06-30-04 DCP
Area: 13Area Director: Carmen Del Toro, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Parsippany4413795Toastmasters of Wyndham01-01-15 DCP
Whippany4923Solix Toastmasters01-01-01 DCP
Parsippany1022Parsippany Toastmasters Club10-01-90 Website DCP
Parsippany966830CARPE DIEM10-24-06 Website DCP
Area: 14Area Director: Jahnavi Utukuri, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
East Hanover2371Novartis-East Hanover Club01-01-75 DCP
East Hanover5118117The Orators12-01-15 DCP
Morristown9922Bayer Toastmasters Club06-27-03 DCP
Morristown5163Power Talkers Club10-01-94 Website DCP
Whippany5848South Street Toastmasters05-01-85 Website DCP

Division B Director: Aida Murphy, ACS,ALB

Area: 21Area Director: Begonia Reyes, CC
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Flemington728513Hunterdon Speak Easy Club12-07-04 Website DCP
Branchburg4672164Triple S05-17-15 DCP
Lebanon3743264New York Life Lebanon Toasters03-27-14 DCP
Bedminster344AT&T Bedminster Club06-01-76 Website DCP
Annandale1481011Clinton Toastmasters06-18-10 DCP
Area: 22Area Director: Tezeta Roro, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Basking Ridge4859132Optum, Listen, Speak and Be Heard09-14-15 DCP
Basking Ridge1358967Northern Stars Advanced06-29-09 Website DCP
Basking Ridge6608Speech Meisters Club10-01-97 Website DCP
6743263USGA Toastmasters Club11-03-17 DCP
Basking Ridge4722Midtown Toastmasters Club09-01-81 Website DCP
Area: 23Area Director: Kimberly Chung, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Morris Plains6485232Weichert Toastmasters05-08-17 DCP
Morristown3540Morristown Toastmasters04-01-63 Website DCP
Madison989866Madison Toastmasters at Pfizer01-23-07 DCP
Madison1449592Toasting On The Farm10-01-10 DCP
Cedar Knolls1380016Travelers Toastmasters09-01-09 DCP
Area: 24Area Director: Nayan Shah, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Parsippany1084025RealTalk Toastmasters09-10-07 DCP
Florham Park6511BASF Toastmasters Club04-01-87 DCP
Madison4710935Crum & Toaster05-18-15 DCP
Madison4792039Quest Diagnostics Madison06-22-15 DCP

Division C Director: Victor Martins, ACG, ALB

Area: 31Area Director: Richard Zarate, DTM
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Branchburg3051875The Toast of RMS03-04-13 DCP
Raritan2823544J&J Raritan I/T Toastmasters10-22-12 Website DCP
Bridgewater5696781JJSC Toastmasters08-23-16 DCP
Branchburg4637202LNJ BioSpeakers04-13-15 DCP
Somerville802205ETHI-Comm Club09-01-06 Website DCP
Area: 32Area Director: Cheryl Siddell, ACG, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Hillsborough1689Hillsborough Toastmasters Club06-01-00 Website DCP
Bridgewater1535632Henkel Toastmasters08-14-10 Website DCP
Bridgewater9619Speakers Corner Toastmasters Club09-01-93 Website DCP
Somerville1103Somerville Toastmasters09-01-65 Website DCP
Area: 33Area Director: Ally Bhuiyan, ACB, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Raritan5107100Ortho Club02-22-16 DCP
Bridgewater1501154Oracle NJ Speaks02-06-12 DCP
Bridgewater2841Tower And Bridge Toastmasters Club08-01-95 DCP
Bridgewater4361569Talking Genes Toastmasters11-17-14 DCP
Area: 34Area Director: Mary Ellen Weber, ACS, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Warren1077104GSK's Speakeasy11-01-08 Website DCP
Murray Hill2655Cosmopolitan Toastmasters Club02-01-56 Website DCP
Warren787697Warren (Citi) Toastmasters05-02-05 DCP
Plainfield6081040Queen City TM03-21-17 DCP
Warren9659Sound Bytes Toastmasters Club02-01-98 DCP
Murray Hill3260Murray Hill Speakers Club05-01-61 Website DCP

Division D Director: Susan Frost

Area: 41Area Director: George Bertele, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Princeton8628Munich Re Toastmasters Club04-12-02 DCP
Skillman5446935Bloomberg Princeton Toastmasters04-29-16 DCP
Plainsboro8209Becoming Masterful Speakers01-01-01 Website DCP
Princeton3893053State Street Princeton06-27-14 DCP
Area: 42Area Director: Paul Scharf, DTM
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
North Brunswick4646Brunswick Toastmasters Club03-01-95 Website DCP
New Brunswick3325285Step Up Toastmasters06-27-13 Website DCP
North Brunswick3869598Frontline Speakers04-01-14 Website DCP
New Brunswick8075Opportunity Seeking BMS Club04-27-01 DCP
North Brunswick1273299DeVry Networking01-09-09 DCP
Area: 43Area Director: Xiaodong Chen, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
New Brunswick1139161Rutgers University Toastmasters02-12-08 DCP
Piscataway806260Colgate-Palmolive Piscataway Toastmasters Club06-22-05 DCP
Piscataway7328IEEE Live Wires Club06-30-02 Website DCP
Piscataway3156849J&J Piscataway Speakers04-16-13 DCP
Piscataway5009Conackamack Club06-01-94 Website DCP
Area: 44Area Director: Kevin Lombardi, CC, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Somerset1036046Raritan Toastmasters06-13-07 DCP
Somerset3972683Dialogue Party Toastmasters Club07-14-14 Website DCP
Piscataway1146892Speakers of the House03-04-08 DCP
Somerset5350032Figures of Speech03-22-16 DCP
South Plainfield3938656DP&C Toastmasters06-11-14 DCP

Division E Director: Michelle Tropper, DTM

Area: 51Area Director: Oscar Ocasio, ACG, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Edison5124091What Exit?09-20-16 Website DCP
Rahway260Merck Club08-01-73 DCP
Edison2400265Weisermazars NJ Toastmasters00-00-00 DCP
Edison6744346WakeFern Toastmasters12-04-17 DCP
Rahway8349Impact 21 Club03-29-02 Website DCP
Linden798409Infineum Toastmasters Club06-28-05 DCP
Area: 52Area Director: Kristen Oliveri, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Westfield3187TM of Westfield Club03-01-61 Website DCP
Islelin5986362Metropark Toastmasters01-17-17 DCP
Scotch Plains3761298SpeakAbility04-30-14 Website DCP
Summit1076360Merck Achievers Toastmasters Club10-23-07 DCP
Union9828Conquerors Club03-01-94 Website DCP
Area: 53Area Director: Rama Kalia, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
6746189KPMG Toastmasters12-07-17 DCP
Woodbridge5954042Extensis - NIP Toastmasters02-16-17 DCP
Short Hills3151553D and B Corporate Toastmasters06-28-13 DCP
Summit1781Summit Toastmasters05-01-55 Website DCP
Springfield4055050Walgreens Pitch Perfect06-27-14 DCP
Iselin5934653NJ Medidatians01-13-17 DCP
Summit4072972Celgene08-14-14 DCP
Area: 54Area Director: Javier Lewis, CC, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Roseland46Diamonds In The Rough Club05-28-03 DCP
Roseland8143Storytelling Club06-01-00 Website DCP
Roseland6603ADP Toastmasters Club08-01-98 Website DCP
Verona2567Essex Toastmasters09-01-57 Website DCP
Livingston1922Speak Easy Toastmasters Club11-01-99 Website DCP

Division F Director: Bill Atkins, DTM

Area: 61Area Director: TBA
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Neptune7478Shore Speakers Toastmasters Club04-01-00 Website DCP
Ocean4879969Shoremasters02-10-16 DCP
Tinton Falls4843227Talk of Monmouth07-15-15 Website DCP
Freehold6522Freehold Phrasers Club11-01-96 Website DCP
Titon Falls5857100Commvault Toastmasters Club10-31-16 DCP
Red Bank9582Red Bank Toastmasters Club10-01-98 Website DCP
Area: 62Area Director: Paul Ireifej, ACB, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Old Bridge1401391Old Bridge Toastmasters06-30-10 Website DCP
Middletown4793713T and M Toastmasters01-04-16 DCP
Matawan4732055iCIMS06-11-15 DCP
Middletown2634AT&T Middletown Club06-30-00 Website DCP
Eatontown6626594Eaton Crums02-26-18 DCP
Laurence Harbor3510049MV Speakers Club10-01-13 DCP
Area: 63Area Director: Nagarajan Narayanaswamy, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Iselin3696627Iselin Icebreakers01-27-14 DCP
Metuchen739438Jim Friend Toastmasters09-01-05 Website DCP
Iselin4434ACES01-01-87 Website DCP
Iselin4864Woodbridge Toastmasters06-02-82 Website DCP
Edison6847Art Of Speaking06-27-02 Website DCP
Area: 64Area Director: Fran Okeson, DTM
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Staten Island3817Richmond County Toastmasters Club03-01-76 DCP
Staten Island9679Staten Island - Liberty Toastmasters11-01-93 DCP
Staten Island6927North Shore Toastmasters Club09-01-94 DCP
Staten Island8011No Limits Toastmasters09-01-98 DCP
Staten Island7949Smedley's Speakers Advanced Club08-01-97 DCP
Staten Island1033Business Leaders Club04-01-00 DCP

Division G Director: Djuna Barnes, DTM

Area: 71Area Director: Michelle Campbell,
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Jersey City4413724Arch Toastmasters Club01-01-15 DCP
Jersey City799353New Jersey City University Toastmasters10-19-05 Website DCP
Bayonne9232Hudson Club03-01-93 DCP
Jersey City1570323Journal Square Toastmasters Club12-07-10 DCP
Jersey City4786181Citco Speaks06-24-15 DCP
Staten Island665371New Day Toastmasters06-30-04 Website DCP
Area: 72Area Director: Djadji Sylla-Samassa, CC, CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Jersey City7733Jersey Toastmasters Club07-01-96 Website DCP
Jersey City2016207TDA Harborside Toastmasters09-12-11 DCP
Jersey City5021565Gold Coast Advanced Toastmasters06-26-16 DCP
Weehawken7182UBS NJ Toastmasters Club09-25-97 Website DCP
Jersey City2105380Grove Plaza Speakers10-24-11 DCP
Jersey City1285272New Heights Toastmasters04-28-10 Website DCP
Area: 73Area Director: Raymond Kram,
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Jersey City5977325Gold Coast Masters01-20-17 DCP
Jersey City3025098Money Talks04-18-13 DCP
Jersey City1410471Excellent Club12-03-09 DCP
Jersey City8639DTCC Toastmasters North East05-01-99 Website DCP
Jersey City6626633Mizuho Toastmasters Club - NJ08-21-17 DCP
Jersey City5611963JPMorgan Toastmasters Jersey City08-17-16 DCP
Jersey City3648211BTMU03-11-14 DCP
Area: 74Area Director: Belvin Armenion, ACS, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Union City6445Union City Club06-30-03 Website DCP
Union City692522Toastmasters en Espanol06-28-04 Website DCP
Hoboken4628756Club 121 Toastmasters06-13-16 DCP
Secaucus1386E & Y Meadowlands Club02-28-01 DCP
Hoboken6101Mile Square Toastmasters11-01-96 Website DCP
Secaucus1577335Toast of the Meadows07-17-12 DCP

Division H Director: Tonia Robinson-Lloyd, DTM

Area: 81Area Director: David Liptsyn CC,CL
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Newark5272Gateway 2 Club02-03-03 DCP
Newark1503Blue Expressions Club06-01-95 DCP
Newark8703Transit Expressions Club00-00-00 DCP
Newark9983Successful Speaking Club06-30-03 DCP
Newark5869336Toastmasters At NJIT05-01-17 DCP
Area: 82Area Director: Bruce For, ACB, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Newark2904366Newark Office Speaks00-00-00 DCP
Newark3234498Actuarially Speaking05-26-13 DCP
East Orange5274EUPC Toastmasters01-01-96 Website DCP
Newark7192Speak to Success Founded by APAA Club06-29-00 DCP
Newark1345063Washington Park Toastmasters10-01-09 Website DCP
Area: 83Area Director: Monica Couillard, ACG, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Nutley7487Nutley Club06-30-02 Website DCP
Clifton2664Clifton Toastmasters Club06-01-64 Website DCP
Clifton5973Exelis Talkers02-01-01 DCP
Rutherford4229Fairleigh Early Birds Toastmasters Club06-01-80 Website DCP
Rutherford660313Speak and Lead Toastmasters Club06-25-04 Website DCP
Area: 84Area Director: Alton James, ACB, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Morristown6555Wayne SpeakUPS Toastmasters02-28-02 DCP
Fairfield695795Dining To Speak06-30-04 Website DCP
Wayne1259943TOYMASTERS11-14-08 DCP
Wayne2099Wayne Toastmasters09-01-61 Website DCP
Garfield1455543Good Souls Toastmasters06-22-10 DCP

Division I Director: Rachel Nuber, DTM

Area: 91Area Director: Steve Weiss, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Parsippany6607Speeches Are Us02-28-02 Website DCP
Wood-Ridge1446661Park Avenue06-27-11 Website DCP
Dumont1317256Good Neighbours Club04-08-09 Website DCP
Ridgewood2639Ridgewood Toastmasters Club05-01-58 Website DCP
Haworth3181Valley Toastmasters04-01-88 Website DCP
Ridgefield Park2581Bergen Toastmasters02-01-64 Website DCP
Area: 92Area Director: Peter Brot, ACS, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Franklin Lakes8804Express Yourself Toastmasters05-01-00 Website DCP
Franklin Lakes5806BD Speaks Club02-05-02 DCP
Totowa773Tri-County Toastmasters04-01-00 Website DCP
Pompton Plains1425822FRC Toastmasters12-16-09 Website DCP
Area: 93Area Director: Danielle Mazza, ACB, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Mahwah5169Speak-UPS Toastmasters01-11-02 Website DCP
Montvale927494Germinators Toastmasters Club06-27-06 DCP
Ramsey3041Park Toastmasters Club05-01-61 Website DCP
Montvale813995K-Toast Club06-30-05 DCP
Area: 94Area Director: Laura Rose, CC, ALB
CityClub NumberClub NameCharter DateWebsiteDCP
Woodcliff Lake5940BMW NA Toastmasters Club06-01-00 DCP
Woodcliff Lake4073383Orion Deliverymasters06-30-14 DCP
Pearl River977634Pearls of Expression11-22-06 DCP
Pearl River2800Sunset Toastmasters Club12-03-02 Website DCP
Blauvelt1506768Rockland Toastmasters05-05-11 Website DCP