ClubPresidentVP of EducationVP of Memb ershipVP of Public RelationsSecretaryTreasurerSergeant at Arms
ADP Toastmasters Club0011101
AHS Toastmasters Club0010010
American International Speakers1111000
Art Of Speaking1021000
AT&T Middletown Club0141001
BASF Toastmasters Club3111112
Bayer Toastmasters Club2101111
Bergen Toastmasters1102102
Bloomberg Princeton Toastmasters1100011
Blue Expressions Club1210001
Brunswick Toastmasters Club1021120
Citco Speaks0100000
Clifton Toastmasters Club0101100
Clinton Toastmasters3014003
Colgate-Palmolive Piscataway Toastmasters Club1101010
Commvault Toastmasters Club1000000
Conackamack Club0011110
Conquerors Club1010000
Cosmopolitan Toastmasters Club2100111
Dialogue Party Toastmasters Club3201120
Diamonds In The Rough Club1100200
Dining To Speak1111001
DP&C Toastmasters1110111
Essex Toastmasters1010101
ETHI-Comm Club1101311
EUPC Toastmasters1101000
Excellent Club0010000
Express Yourself Toastmasters1010010
Fairleigh Early Birds Toastmasters Club1101101
Freehold Phrasers Club1200131
Frontline Speakers2302000
Gateway 2 Club0111001
Gold Coast Advanced Toastmasters1100102
Good Neighbors Club0100020
Harborside Financial Center1100101
Henkel Toastmasters1100213
Hillsborough Toastmasters Club1000111
Holmdel Toastmasters0210101
Hunterdon Speak Easy Club1111021
IEEE Live Wires Club1111210
Impact 21 Club1102001
Infineum Toastmasters Club1001000
iWIN Florham Park1100000
J&J New Brunswick1111020
J&J Raritan I/T Toastmasters1111101
Jersey Toastmasters Club1120200
Jim Friend Toastmasters0111000
JPMorgan Toastmasters Jersey City3100100
K-Toast Club2101001
KPMG Toastmasters0010000
LNJ BioSpeakers1101201
Mars Chocolate Sweet Talkers4110000
Mars Sweet Talkers - MTO1100001
Merck Achievers Toastmasters Club0110110
Metropark Toastmasters0100000
Midtown Toastmasters Club1111111
Mile Square Toastmasters1010001
Morristown Toastmasters3111100
Munich Re Toastmasters Club2000002
Murray Hill Speakers Club0002210
New Day Toastmasters1000110
New Heights Toastmasters1110111
New World Toastmasters Club0000001
NJ Medidatians1100000
No Limits Toastmasters0100110
Northern Stars Advanced2111010
Novartis-East Hanover Club1111111
Nutley Club2211101
Old Bridge Toastmasters1011001
Opportunity Seeking BMS Club0001011
Oracle NJ Speaks1001200
Oratory Toastmasters0100100
Park Avenue0111220
Park Toastmasters Club1001131
Parsippany Toastmasters Club1111010
Pearls of Expression1200001
Picatinny Club1101101
Power Talkers Club1100101
Prudentially Speaking1100010
Queen City TM1311111
Raritan Toastmasters1111200
RealTalk Toastmasters0110000
Red Bank Toastmasters Club2131001
Richmond County Toastmasters Club4001010
Ridgewood Toastmasters Club1010101
RobustWeatlh Toastmasters0000110
Rutgers 33KB Toastmasters Club1212010
RWJF Toastmasters1000011
Sayreville Toastmasters Club2201111
Shore Speakers Toastmasters Club1210010
Somerville Toastmasters1111111
Sound Bytes Toastmasters Club0200011
South Street Toastmasters0120000
Speak and Lead Toastmasters Club1202201
Speak Easy Toastmasters Club1000001
Speak-UPS Toastmasters1020010
Speakers Corner Toastmasters Club0010000
Speakers of the House1010001
Speeches Are Us1110011
St. Thomas4001120
Storytelling Club2001110
Successful Speaking Club2100000
Summit Toastmasters1101120
Talk of Monmouth0102010
TDA Harborside Toastmasters0001000
TM of Westfield Club2101300
Toastmasters en Espanol0010000
Toastmasters of Wyndham1111021
Tower And Bridge Toastmasters Club1111111
Travelers Toastmasters0000001
Tri-County Toastmasters0010000
Triple S1100110
Union City Club3201101
University Heights Toastmasters1000010
Valley Toastmasters0000000
VZW WN Toastmasters Club0001000
Warren County Toastmasters1100111
Washington Park Toastmasters0000000
Wayne Toastmasters1101100
Weichert Toastmasters1110010
What Exit?0200200

Charter DateClub Name/Club Number
October 21st 2019AHS Toastmasters Club
November 20th 2019New World Toastmasters Club
November 12th 2019RobustWeatlh Toastmasters
December 16th 2019Oratory Toastmasters
December 27th 2019NJR Toastmasters
December 31st 2019Princeton Power Presenters
March 9th 2020Mitsui Toastmasters Club
March 1st 2020Woodland Park Toastmasters
January 21st 2020DFJ Toastmasters


Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
April 13th 2015LNJ BioSpeakersCelebrating 5 Year Anniversary
April 1st 2000Shore Speakers Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
April 28th 2010New Heights ToastmastersCelebrating 10 Year Anniversary
April 1st 2000Tri-County ToastmastersCelebrating 20 Year Anniversary
April 15th 2019Peapack ExpressionsCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
April 16th 2019g2-ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
April 30th 2019Monsey ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
April 27th 2019Holmdel ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary