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Evaluation D83 Conference Presenters PDF 

Evaluation D83 Speakers Bureau Members PDF 

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Name Workshop Track Workshop Date/Time Workshop Title Workshop Details Presenter Bio
Stefano McGhee Club Development Saturday, May 1st @ 3:45pm-4:30pm Let’s Talk "Hybrid Toastmasters Meetings”, with Stefano McGhee, Region 9 International Director. During this session, Toastmasters International Region 9 International Director, Stefano McGhee will lead a discussion with participants on Hybrid Toastmasters meetings. As opportunities to meet in-person again begin to open up for Toastmasters meetings, many clubs will want to maintain an online presence for members who joined during the pandemic and only know what it's like to have online meetings. During the pandemic we learned how to pivot and adjust to a new way of conducting meetings. As we look towards meeting in-person, what are some of the things members and clubs will need to consider about online meetings, in-person meetings and combinations of the two (hybrid)? Come to the session with questions and ideas for a candid discussion with our International Director.
Stefano McGhee has been a member of Toastmasters since 2005. In 2005, Stefano's wife insisted that he attend a membership night at her local club, Network Voice Toastmasters. While he would have preferred to stay at home, he finally gave in to his wife and attended the meeting and has been a member of Toastmasters ever since. In the Fall of 2011, he earned the Distinguished Toastmaster award along with his wife. Stefano is a two time District Governor/Director of District 31 Toastmasters and has served in District Leadership for ten years. He currently serves on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors developing the policies that chart the path forward during the global pandemic and beyond. Stefano works in Information Technology and is a recently retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Rhode Island Air National Guard. Leadership has been a part of every part of Stefano's career and frequently spends time extolling the life changing opportunity provides to anyone willing to take up the cause.
Bruce For Personal Development Saturday, May 1st @ 4:45pm - 5:30pm Dynamic Leaders: Mentors Learning objectives for leaders: (1) Identifying the necessary traits and qualities of positive and effective leadership; (2) Designing an effective system for implementation of the Pathways Mentoring program at the club level. (3) Recognizing that core traits of leadership excellence include enhanced mentoring traits/skills. Toastmaster Bruce For, DTM is a seasoned and experienced fellow Toastmaster in District 83 who has served in numerous District, Area and Club leadership roles; he believes and actively supports the Purpose, Intent and Values of the Toastmaster program. During this workshop, he will share with you the techniques and processes required to successfully navigate the Pathways Mentoring program as well as help leaders fully integrate the new requirements at the club level to support and build leaders.
Lindy Earl Professional Development Saturday, May 1st @ 4:45pm - 5:30pm Communicating Effectively . . . Starting NOW! ...reminding people the importance of effective communication, even from afar. Communication key points
Non-verbal cues
How to better communicate the real message
Lindy Earl has spoken around the world on Communication and Leadership. With five published books and countless articles and videos, she is here to remind us of the importance of effective communication.
Mario Lewis Personal Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 9:00am - 9:45am Career Management during COVID This will be an interactive personal/professional development workshop that will help participants identify where their career is going and share tips to take control of self-development during the pandemic. Participants will learn how to enhance their online presence, create stretch goals and have successful virtual interviews. Mario is an award-winning, energetic speaker, and presentation coach, who provides audiences and individuals with motivational messages and strategies to become powerful and dynamic communicators.
He delivers high-powered talks at leadership conferences, and corporate events that teach people how to CONNECT with their audiences to make their message unforgettable. As a finalist in the Toastmasters’ 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking (and a semi-finalist in 2017 and 2018), the largest public speaking contest in the world, Mario has demonstrated the unique ability to engage audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Mario received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, a Certificate in Marketing from the Harvard University Extension School, and a BS in Finance from Bentley University. He is a CFA Charterholder.
Somesh Chablani Club Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 9:00am - 9:45am Teach to Lead The workshop has practical tips and tricks including a framework on how adult toastmasters can engage with the millennials. Somesh is an avid toastmaster and passionate to teach public speaking to the youth. He is a distinguished Toastmaster and also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) . Somesh is the current chair for our District’s Youth Leadership Program.
Somesh's signature workshop “ Teach to Lead” is all about sharing best practices with our fellow toastmasters on how they can Plan, organize, teach and learn by conducting a Youth Leadership Program. The workshop has practical tips and tricks including a framework on how adult toastmasters can engage with the millennials. As Nelson Mandela said, “ The youth of today are the leaders of Tomorrow’.
Gerri Kim Professional Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 10am -10:45am Embracing Diversity and Inclusion for Success Raise your level of awareness of your role as it relates to diversity & inclusion and how to be a key part of the solution to help implement diversity & inclusion that brings sustainable change to your organization. Gerri believes there is a Super Hero in each of us to achieve our unique full potential. She is a coach & trainer of individuals & organizations to get from here to there.
Monica Butler Personal Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 10am -10:45am Staying/Getting Well During Challenging Times This workshop will encourage and support participants in assessing their lifestyle and encourage them to develop a healthy life plan in an unhealthy time. "Monica M. Butler, NBC-HWC is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She decided to become a health coach after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and realizing she needed to work on her own binge drinking and eating habits in addition to navigating a gluten free lifestyle.

A teacher, mentor, presenter and motivator, Monica has made significant life enhancing changes to her own health and wellness routines and seeks to share them with others. She lost 50 pounds after age 50 and has maintained a healthy lifestyle, complete with greater reliance on her faith, lots of self-care and consistent exercise. Most recently, she completed her first half marathon, checking off something that has been on her ‘Health & Wellness Bucket list’ for over twenty years. She is a firm believer that if she can do it...anyone can.
Laura Graziano Club Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 10am -10:45am How to Go from GOAL SETTER to GOAL GETTER & Achieve Success through Unpredictable Times Our GOALS are the lifeblood of our lives and our professions. They give us hope for each new day, clarity for our purpose, and passion and excitement for all of life! Many people set goals for the new year, and then follow the “SET it and FORGET it” formula.
In this workshop, you will learn key success strategies to take you from Goal SETTER to Goal GETTER! As a Motivational Speaker, Writer, and the Transformational Coach that Cares, our presenter, Laura Graziano, will share tools to help you:

~ GET CLEAR on your 2021 VISION for your business, your life and your club.


~ BREAK THROUGH BARRIERS TO SUCCESS, even in unpredictable times, so you can finally achieve the RESULTS you want!
Laura Graziano, Transformational Coach and Speaker of Laura E. Graziano, LLC, helps individuals master their mindset to heal, grow, and flourish to their full potential in business and in life… mind, body, and spirit… Helping You Be the BEST You!

Laura is creator of the Personal BEST Coaching© Method and numerous Transformational Programs, Workshops, Team Building Activities, and Retreats that propel both personal and professional growth and success. She is Certified in Servant Leadership, an empowering, compassionate leadership approach. Laura is a Presentation Skills Coach and recipient of the highly regarded Distinguished Toastmaster Award. She is the VP of Membership and Club Coach for Dining to Speak Toastmasters and the former President, VP of Membership, and Secretary of Wayne Toastmasters.

Also known as The Coach that Cares, Laura’s coaching and dynamic programs touch and inspire groups and individuals to reach deep within themselves, reignite their passions, develop talents and abilities, and learn healthy ways to cope with life’s trials... always with an element of fun included! Participants are empowered with real tools to turn obstacles into opportunities for personal transformation, true and lasting joy, and renewed vitality for life!

Today, Laura will be sharing the "Secret Sauce" to Goal Achievement with steps to successfully SET your goals, take action, and GET the results you want!
Patty Loud & Isaak Gelbinovich (combined workshop- see below) Professional Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 11:00am - 12:00pm Presenting in today's Virtual Reality

Learn how to become an effective presenter using slides.

One of the most used presentation tools is PowerPoint. It’s a very powerful and versatile visual aid.However as much as it can help the presenter and the presentation it can also hurt.In this workshop you will learn 

• DOs and DONTs of a slide presentation

• Powerful and memorable slide design

• You will get immediately implementable ideas and techniques

Patricia is an energetic presenter and teacher and has been described as “an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who always offers timely, insightful content."
A management and leadership expert, Patricia has managed technology work groups, led cross-functional project teams, and mentored people one-on-one to strengthen their leadership and management skills.
Patricia Loud, DTM, MBA, CISM, CISA, CAP, has over 15 years of experience in Information Security Management, specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM).
Patricia is a board member for two New Jersey non-profit organizations. She supports volunteerism in the community and is a speaker and trainer for a national organization.
  Professional Development Sunday, May 2nd @ 11am - 12pm Presenting with Slides in today's Virtual Reality

Learn how to become an effective presenter using slides.

One of the most used presentation tools is PowerPoint. It’s a very powerful and versatile visual aid.However as much as it can help the presenter and the presentation it can also hurt.In this workshop you will learn 

• DOs and DONTs of a slide presentation

• Powerful and memorable slide design

• You will get immediately implementable ideas and techniques

Isaak Gelbinovich, president of Speaking To Succeed and a Distinguished Toastmaster, came to the United States with his family in 1980. He did not speak a word of English. Isaak took English as a Second Language at Baruch College of the City University of New York, where he decided that his language barrier would not hold him back. Since then Isaak has taught at the Chubb Institute of Technology, the Learning Annex, has presented his workshops in the United States and Europe and has appeared in off Broadway plays and on local TV stations. Isaak is a published author, professional speaker, lecturer, workshop leader and certified presentations coach.

Anyone who's interested in assisting with the conference can attend the planning meeting on Sunday.
Due to a change in schedule, the second District Conference Planning Committee Meeting will now be held on Sunday, January 10th from 10am - 12pm.
The January 9th meeting is cancelled.
If you'd like to attend on 1/10th and don't yet have the Zoom details, please contact our District Conference Chair, Juana Dannecker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
If you are interested in assisting with the planning of the District Conference, but are unable to attend the meeting, please also contact Juana to indicate your interest.

District 83 Spring Conference
"Many Paths to Success"
May 15 - 17, 2020
Crowne Plaza - Edison, New Jersey
Call for 2020 Annual Conference Workshop Presenters
Share your expertise!
Educate other Toastmasters with your awesome know-how!
The Annual Conference planning is under way and we are looking for fantastic, educational and inspirational workshop presentations.
We know you're out there. You have great talent, skills and know-how that you've been itching to share. Transform your knowledge into action by sharing and educating others! It's an opportunity to make a difference and give back to our wonderful organization.
All applications must be submitted by March 7th, 2020. All candidates will be scheduled for a mandatory audition to be held March 21, 2020, location to be announced.
We are looking forward to working with you for a
fabulous Annual Conference experience!

Lynda B Starr, DTM  
District 83 Director 2019-2020     
T:  201 320 1752 │E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
William F. Markert, ACB, CL
Program Quality Director 2019 - 2020
T: 973-960-4898| E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Contests:
Table Topics: Friday, May 3 8:30 PM
International: Saturday, May 4 3:30 PM
Evaluation: Sunday, May 5: 9:30 AM
Humorous: Sunday, May 5 after Evaluation


Friday May 3
7pm Reception for DTMs and guests
8pm Table Topics Contest Briefing
8:30PM Contest begins
Saturday, May 4
7:15 AM Registration Open
  Credentials Desk Open
7:30 AM First Timers Table Open
8:00 AM First Timers Meeting
8:40 AM Welcome from Deepak
9:15 AM Quorum Count
9:30 AM Business Meeting
  DTM Induction
12:30 PM LUNCH
  Parade of Banners
2:00PM Workshop
3:00 PM Contestant-Judges Debrief Networking
3:30 PM Intl Speech Contest
  Contestant Interviews
6:30 PM Dinner
  Officer Installation
  Club and Member awards
  Closing Remarks
Sunday, May 5
7:15 AM Registration Open
7:15 AM Breakfast with Deepak
8:15 AM Workshop
9:00 AM Evaluation and Humorous Contest Briefing
9:30 AM contests begin
  Contestant Interviews
12:30PM Closing Remarks
2019-2020 Toastmasters International President Elect
May 4th and May 5, 2019!


District 83 Fall Celebration - Recognizing Success




Plus networking, recognition, refreshments
Clubs, please contact Emilia if you would like a table to display club info

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER, 17TH! 8 am to 1 pm

Registration Fee:  $20
Open to all, bring your family, friends or anyone you think interested

To read information about Pres Vasilev, go to:

Download flyer to share with your club!

Fall Celebration Agenda



Charter DateClub Name/Club Number
January 29th 2021Green Room PR Toastmasters
October 9th 2020Paragon Toastmasters
March 28th 2021MECA GLOBAL Toastmasters


Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
May 7th 2007First of Sussex ToastmastersCelebrating 14 Year Anniversary
May 27th 2009Selective ToastmastersCelebrating 12 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1985South Street ToastmastersCelebrating 36 Year Anniversary
May 17th 2015Triple SCelebrating 6 Year Anniversary
May 8th 2017Weichert ToastmastersCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary
May 18th 2015Crum & ToasterCelebrating 6 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1961Murray Hill Speakers ClubCelebrating 60 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1955Summit ToastmastersCelebrating 66 Year Anniversary
May 28th 2003Diamonds In The Rough ClubCelebrating 18 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1999DTCC Toastmasters North EastCelebrating 22 Year Anniversary
May 1st 2017University Heights ToastmastersCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary
May 26th 2013Prudentially SpeakingCelebrating 8 Year Anniversary
May 20th 2019SES Orbiters ToastmasterCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1958Ridgewood Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 63 Year Anniversary
May 1st 2000Express Yourself ToastmastersCelebrating 21 Year Anniversary
May 1st 1961Park Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 60 Year Anniversary
May 5th 2011Rockland ToastmastersCelebrating 10 Year Anniversary
May 1st 2019NJTA ToastmastersCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary