Dates: July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Eligibility: Open community or corporate clubs with fewer than 20 members

Amount: Up to $49.47 (half of the cost) will be reimbursed every 6 months for clubs to create their own Meetup site, upon approval of Club Growth Director, until total membership of 25 has been achieved.

Contact: Club Growth Director

What is Meetup?

Meetup is an app and online social networking portal that helps people find others who share their interest or cause. Toastmasters clubs around the world have been successfully using Meetup to help prospective members find their club. To create a Meetup page for your club, visit for details.

How does Meetup work?

Your club signs up with Meetup, which costs $16.49 per month with a 6-month subscription.

When you are creating the club account, you are prompted to give a description of your club, your meeting dates, and meeting times.

People looking for things to do are asked about their interests. This is how guests and future members will find your club.

The more active your clubs is the more it attracts new Meetup group members with the goal of gaining your club new members.

To make sure your club appears active to potential members, have current members mark that they are attending the next meeting. This shows positive activity, which attracts new people to attend as guests.

Eligibility for the D83 Meet-up Incentive:

Open community or corporate clubs with fewer than 20 members are eligible for this incentive.

The club submits a marketing plan via Google Form link outlining how they will use the app for marketing their club and growing membership to the Club Growth Director.

Club Growth Director approves the marketing plan and reviews progress with the club every 6 months.

Continued reimbursement will depend on achievement of the goals outlined in the club's marketing plan. When requesting reimbursement, clubs should submit a progress report via Google Form link on progress attracting new members to the club via Meetup.

To claim reimbursement for the D83 Meet-up Incentive:

The club must meet eligibility criteria above.

Proof of payment to Meetup: A copy of the club's "Your Meetup Organization Subscription Receipt" for subscription dates that fall within the current Toastmasters year.

All requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the Club Growth Director no later than June 30, 2021.

Charter DateClub Name/Club Number
January 29th 2021Green Room PR Toastmasters
October 9th 2020Paragon Toastmasters


Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
March 1st 1994Conquerors ClubCelebrating 27 Year Anniversary
March 4th 2013The Toast of RMSCelebrating 8 Year Anniversary
March 1st 1995Brunswick Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 26 Year Anniversary
March 4th 2008Speakers of the HouseCelebrating 13 Year Anniversary
March 29th 2002Impact 21 ClubCelebrating 19 Year Anniversary
March 1st 1961TM of Westfield ClubCelebrating 60 Year Anniversary
March 21st 2017Queen City TMCelebrating 4 Year Anniversary
March 1st 1976Richmond County Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 45 Year Anniversary
March 1st 1993Hudson ClubCelebrating 28 Year Anniversary
March 11th 2014Hudson VoiceCelebrating 7 Year Anniversary
March 11th 2019J&J New BrunswickCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary
March 12th 2019Toastmasters At GEPCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary
March 9th 2020Mitsui Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
March 1st 2020Woodland Park ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary