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Target Audience: Incoming Club Officers for 2021-22 This training will cover the Distinguished Club Program and breakout sessions by Club Officer role.

In order for your club to receive credit for your attendance at this training session, you must attend for at least 60 minutes AND complete the evaluation and feedback form after the session. We will not be able to enter the trainings into the training database until mid/late July when TI has processed all submitted club officer lists.

Once you submit your registration, your confirmation message will include links to pre-recorded Pre-Work to complete prior to the training. Completing the Pre-Work will help you understand your new role, but it's not a substitute for the live training. Only participation in live virtual sessions earns your club credit for attendance at club officer training.

Training: Winter TLI
Date: Saturday November 13th 2021
Time: 10:00 am

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Vice President of Education
Vice President of Membership
Vice President of Public Relations
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Club Anniversaries This Month

Charter DateClub NameAnniversary
October 1st 1990Parsippany Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 31 Year Anniversary
October 24th 2006CARPE DIEMCelebrating 15 Year Anniversary
October 1st 1994Power Talkers ClubCelebrating 27 Year Anniversary
October 1st 1997Speech Meisters ClubCelebrating 24 Year Anniversary
October 22nd 2012J&J Raritan I/T ToastmastersCelebrating 9 Year Anniversary
October 23rd 2007Merck Achievers Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 14 Year Anniversary
October 31st 2016Commvault Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 5 Year Anniversary
October 1st 1998Red Bank Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 23 Year Anniversary
October 9th 2020Paragon ToastmastersCelebrating 1 Year Anniversary
October 24th 2011Grove Plaza SpeakersCelebrating 10 Year Anniversary
October 1st 2009Washington Park ToastmastersCelebrating 12 Year Anniversary
October 30th 2018Mars Sweet Talkers - MTOCelebrating 3 Year Anniversary
October 21st 2019AHS Toastmasters ClubCelebrating 2 Year Anniversary

Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel is currently at Merck Achievers Toastmasters Club. Captured on August 19th 2021.
Here are the rules if you would like to capture the gavel for your club.

1. Contact the host club. Current contact is Alasdair King E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Get three members of your club to attend the meeting of the club that currenly has the gavel.
3. Particpate in the meeting.
4.Submit form with details about the meeting. Click Here to Submit Gavel Capture
5.Proudly display the virtual traveling gavel on your club website.

Transfer of the physical traveling gavel is suspended until further notice.