Attention: Club Presidents, Club Vice Presidents of Education, Proxy Hol-ders and District Officers.

The prime purpose of the Credentials desk is to ensure that all Clubs have a voice in selecting and voting for District Officers, approve of Club realign-ment issues, or to conduct any business that may be brought before the District, during the business meeting.

Each Club is entitled to two (2) votes.  The Club President, Club Vice Presi-dent of Education, must sign in at the Credentials desk to ensure that a quorum of clubs is represented.  If the Club President or Vice President of Education is not present or if they are President or Vice President of Education of more than one Club, they may provide a WRITTEN PROXY to any club member of good standing to sign in lieu of themselves.

The proxy must state the Club name, Club number the name of the individual carrying the proxy, and the date.

A Club President, Club President of Education, or proxy holder may sign for both club voting ballots.

Additionally, a District Officer may carry one additional voting ballot (NO PROXY PERMITTED).

Under no condition may any one individual carry more than three voting ballots.

The election of District Officers will take place during the business meeting.  The Credentials desk will open on Saturday morning at 7:15 AM and will close 9:05 AM.  At 9:05, both Paul and Don will determine if a quorum of Clubs are in attendance

Don Abramson, Credentials Co-chair

Paul Scharf, Credentials Co-chair


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