The 2016-1017 District 83 nomination committee nominates the following members for the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year.  Elections will be held during the business meeting at the spring conference on Saturday May 20th.


Position Name
District Director Janice Buffalow, DTM
Program Quality Director Rachel Weiss, DTM
Club Growth Director Subhash Harmalker, DTM
Club Growth Director Manuel Reyes, ACG, ALB
Club Growth Director Lynda Starr, DTM
Division A Director Narendra Pondugula, ACG, ALB
Division B Director Aida Murphy, ACB, ALB
Division C Director Victor Martins, ACS, ALB
Division D Director Susan Frost
Division E Director Michelle Tropper, DTM
Division F Director Bill Atkins, ACS, ALB
Division G Director Djuna Barnes, ACB, ALB
Division G Director Oomadai Rampersaud, ACB, ALB
Division H Director Tonia Robinson-Lloyd, ACG, ALB
Division I Director Rachel Nuber, ACS, ALS