UPDATE re: parking and access to LaGrande Park Building for 3/10 Area 51/52 Contest -
If you park in the designated spots on Marian Avenue, you will need to walk to almost the corner of Marian and Helen Street or to the corner of Marian and 2nd Street and walk down to the paved path to access the park building. There is a paved/cleared path that cuts through the park near Marian and Helen Streets. If you park closer to or on 2nd Street (best access), walk down 2nd to the corner of 2nd and LaGrande to access the paved/cleared path to the building. You can also cut across the field from Marian Avenue, but that may be difficult to do, as it's currently covered in hard, crunchy snow. You can also park on LaGrande Avenue, in front of the building and there is an entrance with a cleared path to access the building from LaGrande Avenue. I have confirmed with the Parks Department that you are allowed to park on both LaGrande Avenue, and 2nd Street, both of which will be closest to the Park building paved and cleared paths to access the building.

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