You can Aspire to Inspire or Be Inspired

As a special thank-you to Spring Conference first-time attendees and to reflect the conference theme, “Aspire to Inspire,” first time registrants are offered the option to set up a mentoring relationship for a specific Toastmasters challenge that could be achieved in fewer than three months.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the hallmark of success in the Toastmasters program. Members excel when helped by a more advanced member—and new and established members alike accomplish goals they might not otherwise reach on their own. Mentees benefit greatly when mentors pass on their own unique brand of knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom.  Become a mentor, and you, too, will have an excellent opportunity to reflect on yourself, your goals and what you want from the Toastmasters program. (Bawden-Davis, Julie (May 2014). “Harness the Power of Mentoring,” Toastmasters Magazine, p. 16-19)

How does the program work?

This is a self-propelled program.  First timers will receive a list of potential mentors to review and can select a mentor, if desired, based on their specific need.  The mentee would then reach out to the mentor and their relationship would progress as mutually agreed and would be managed solely by them. You can meet at the Spring conference

How do I become a mentor?
Any Toastmaster who has a skill to share can be a mentor. First timers, you can be a mentor and share your talents.  Please register via this SurveyMonkey link and answer a few simple questions and you’ll be added to the list. This is an “above club” relationship, independent of any existing mentorship relationships within the member’s club.  If selected, you can meet your mentee at the Spring conference

For more information, please contact Lynda Starr, Spring Conference First Timers chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.